Writing 101 Day 3

Hi today assignment is to write about one of the following: treasure, regret, home, love, uncertainty and secret. I’m going to write about home. I live in scotland but i dont see it as my home. I was born in germany. The thing is the moment I say I’m from germany everyone assumes I’m german. I actually am quarter german, quarter israeli and half scottish. My mum and dad met each other in the army in israel, my mum is scottish and my dad is half Israeli and half german. I love being in germany I remember eating spaghetti ice cream. Everyone who i say about it always thinks its disgusting but its not. Its soft ice cream looks and in shape of spaghetti with cream inside it and it comes with a lollipop on the side. That is the best ice cream there is lol. This is probably going to sound crazy but when i was in primary school I left at 6am or 7am, went on my own to school with 2 trains and rarely instead of getting 2 trains i would get 1 long ride on a bus to school that isent even a school bus. In germany you start school at 7 years old but can also start school at 8 years old. When I was first time going to school i was on a school bus but after 1st year in  primary school we all went on our own way to school. I wasen’t in a mainstream school. I had a speech problem which I still do but it use to be a lot worse. In germany the school system is different then it is in scotland. in scotland at school when a pupil misbehave its the pupil fault but in germany its the teacher fault, that isent just in the school i went to but also at my sister Evelyn school and she was in a mainstream primary and high school. Like Evelyn said to me in germany the school system is better they would rather help out a pupil than get highest mark in exams like for example there is a pupil who has got low marks at school and is getting bullied. The teachers would help the pupil more than helping someone pass  exams. In scotland all schools care about is pupils passing all their exams so that schools can say they are the best school there is because of the high pass in exams when it should be different it should be like in germany where schools dont say they are the best school there is beause of high pass in exams but because of helping pupils.


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