experience goes much further than a qualification

Hi eveyone there are things i like, learned and wish. Which is what i’m going to talk about in this blog and its writing 101 day 2.

The things i like are listen to music. I like rap, rnb, pop, metal, heavy metal, rock, hard rock, dance tunes and reggae.  My favorite band is Hellyeah.  Not sure if everyone knows this but the singer is from Mudvayne, the drummer  was in Pantera, the guitarist was also in Mudvayne and thats just some of them in the band. Hellyeah is awesome and  Eminem will always be my favorite rapper. The best dance tune and version of dancing in the dark is by Micky Modelle and Jessy.

I like dogs and cats although it is weird how i get scared of some dogs and some not. The  weird thing is when i see a big dog and im on my own i.e walking to the shops i get scared but when i am walking with someone and i see a big dog i dont get scared at all and want to pet the dog. This is really weird lol.

What I have learned is that when it comes to helping people, the people who can help better are the ones with experience and not qualification. Qualification in the end of the day is just a piece of paper that someone work hard to get but then will end up forgetting what he/she learned. Same thing like high school qualifications. For example you are  interested in music, you passed and got a qualification in music.  With music you will still remember it but if you dont play for example guitar between 1 month to 6 months of getting qualification you will forget how to play it properly, how to tune etc. If you are in a band and play guitar then stop for 6 months but then start again you will  still remember how to play the guitar because you got experience of how to play the guitar which goes a long way from a qualification.

I wish that my life is different. That i have friends who i see and go to the cinema or nightclub or something. I wish that i can go on a holiday, I havent been on a holiday since i was about 16 years old. Thats 4 years ago.

Yes I’m 20 years old and some would say that is too young to help and give advise yet like i said its the experience that goes further than a qualification.  I’m new here and have already helped a few people.


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