About me

Hi everyone my name is Julie and i’m here to help by giving advise about bullying, drugs, alcoholic, mental health,  crime and family problems.

I help when it comes to bullying. That can be any type of bullying from names calling to making you feel lonely to you loosing your friends.

I help with drugs, thats if you are a drug addict with any drug like weed, ecstasy etc. I will help you understand why you keep taking it, you might be addicted to weed because all your pals took it or it might be because of something happend and this is your way of dealing with it i.e a loss in your family.

I can help you if you are an alcoholic. We can talk about what happend when you started to drink. if its just started with having a good time at the pub or if its something else that started it.

I can help you with your mental health. i can help when it comes to understanding your meds to helping you cope with when things are getting tough for you i.e you cant go outside, your friends or family dont understand your diagnosis  to anything else about your mental health.  If there is something you are worried about but dont want to say to your psychiatrist or cpn    (community psychiatric nurse) or if u have support workers dont want to say to supposrt workers for fear you are going to be  admited to hopsital. you can talk to me. Anything you say i wont pass on to anyone.

I can help you if you are a repeat offender and want to stop but dont know how because reasons like eveyone you know expects you to commit a crime. I can help if you want to start changing you life and not to do a crime out of anger etc. I can help you with you not doing a crime which can be anything to vandalism to hitting etc.

I can help if you have got family problems that can be anything from fighting with your sibling to being neglected to a death  in the family etc.


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